Greetings Adventurers,

We need to have a discussion about protecting your valuables...yes those precious video games & movies♥♥♥ 

-> it's time to install someone to protect them <-

Let's chat about this for a moment,

aren't these characters from different universe?! 

How can it be?...

....not anymore! As of today Disney+ is launching & we will be getting new characters/shows/etc. 

Which means.....

it means....

Give us crossovers!!

!!! A rediculous amount of unecessary & unasked for crossovers!!!

Honestly though, we just want Deadpool to timeslide into the Star Wars universe & eat all their chimichangas ♥

Deadpool chanting Chimichanga

unfortunately per usual, it's not that simple

its a tale of apples & oranges you see

one is a Bounty Hunter & the other an Assassin

for they could never be...

one for a job the other for the fun...can't we just get along and have both?!

☼ Thus here's our idea ☼

let's create a dialogue between the two despite their being fictional characters in many media forms and this specific incarnation of them being furniture knobs

Firstly we have:

Bounty Hunter Boba Fett 

  • hunts down fugitives 
  • perspective of fugitives is based off monetary compensation
  • travels the galaxy 
Boba Fett Helmet Furniture Knob ~ compatible with dressers, drawers, cabinets, closets / Star Wars decor for bedroom, bathrooom, kitchen, living room, office

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Assassin Deadpool

  • hunts down situational adversaries
  • perspective of fugitives is based off compensation
  • travels the dimensions
Deadpool Furniture Knob compatible with dressers, drawers, cabinets, closets / Marvel Superhero Decor for bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen

>> link to Deadpool Furniture Knob <<

It's pretty much the same thing despite positional opinion

(just like remakes...)

So what do we do until the black mirror gives us the eye candy we so crave?!

We decorate & geek out!

Marvel Deadpool Drawer Pull w/ Star Wars Boba Fett Cabinet Knob on Video Games Furniture Desk

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Deadpool Furniture Knob

Deadpool Icon Classic Style Knob

Boba Fett Furniture Knob

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Stay Awesome & make a better world everyday using your unique powers ♥